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The Story

Stories told through gold.

I've had a passion for Jewelry for as long as I can remember. As a little girI, I would try to get my hands on all sorts of beads and buttons and create pieces out of them.

Growing up in Lebanon, a country of culture and heritage, I was constantly exposed to various artistic elements and surroundings which played a big role in shaping my passion for Art and Jewelry. It wasn't until I moved to Dubai and gave birth to my son that I decided to start my own jewelry line.

This is where the journey began.

I designed my first piece, the turquoise three dots earrings. The idea was inspired from the word "شغف" in Arabic, translating back to passion in English. I fell in love with this piece and was eager to keep going, to build my very own brand. A brand born out of passion, fueled with inspiration and driven by persistence.

Welcome to my world, a place where art and personal expressions mingle to create the perfect craft.

Zein pieces is all about timeless designs that are simple, yet emotional - ranging from casual chic to ultra-dressy. They are an endless combination of shapes, colors, textures, typography, and colorful gemstones. Each piece of jewelry has a story and meaning behind it.

These collections embody modernity, classicism, and elegance. The pieces flow naturally and effortlessly, all while reflecting a deep-rooted passion for design and creativity.

If you're looking for stylish, unconventional, attractive designs with elegant results, come on in and explore my world.

Zein Khalifeh