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The Story

Stories told through gold.

My passion for jewelry has been there for as long as I can remember. As a little girl, I would try to get my hands on all sorts of beads and buttons to create pieces of my own design. On the other hand, I grew up in Lebanon, a country of culture and heritage, which played a big role in shaping my passion for art and jewelry where I was constantly exposed to different designers and surroundings.

From this passion, a dream of having a jewelry line was born, though I never had the means to pursue it. It wasn't until I moved to Dubai and gave birth to my son when I took the first step into turning my dream into a reality. So, one late night, after a long day, I sat with my pencil and paper and designed my very first piece, the turquoise, three dots earrings, marking the first step in my journey.

The idea behind this piece was inspired from the word “شغف”, the Arabic word for passion. I remember how I immediately fell in love with the earrings the moment I saw them and how excited and motivated I was to make my very own brand; a brand born out of passion, fueled with inspiration and driven by persistence.

 This is how Zein Pieces came to be all about statement designs that are simple and sentimental yet form an unconventional, contemporary style. They are bold, meaningful pieces designed for artistic and modern personas. The pieces are designed to flow naturally and effortlessly, all while reflecting a deep-rooted passion for art and creativity.
Zein Khalifeh