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Nour Bangle 1
Nour Bangle 1

Name Pieces

Nour Bangle

The Nour Bangle is a brilliantly designed gold bangle which falls under our Name Pieces collection. This gold bangle introduces Arabic calligraphy with a modern twist. You are able to mold your name, or your loved one’s name, onto this delicate 18K gold bangle, which features an opaque black gemstone for a classic, elegant, and feminine look. The Nour Bangle can be customized according to your personal needs. Whether it was the stone’s color, the gold’s texture, or the size of the name on it, you are able to pick and choose the elements that suit your preferences best. Our Nour Bangle is a delicate piece that adds on to your sophisticated, on-trend look. The Nour Bangle is molded out of 18k gold and its sleek texture is revealed by its smooth and polished finish. This gold bracelet will surely complement your outfit for the day or evening.

The specifications of the Nour Bangle are as follows:

• Height: 1.3 cm

• Width: 1.7 cm

• Weight: 6.4 g

• 18k white gold, matte finish

• Bblack diamonds

For special requests, please click here.

Price: USD 650

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