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The Ghaliyati Bangle 1
The Ghaliyati Bangle 2
The Ghaliyati Bangle 1
The Ghaliyati Bangle 2

The Mother's Collection

The Ghaliyati Bangle

Always opt for utterly unique and personalized gifts for your special one. Whether it was a gold name pin, gold bracelet, or name necklaces, make sure to customize the piece so that it reflects the identity of the owner. At Zein Pieces, we immerse ourselves in creating exclusive customized gold jewelry that perfectly represents the customer’s identity and holds a piece of his/her heart forever.  With our latest, and special, Ghaliyati Bangle, you can now surprise your loved one with a timeless token of love that symbolizes the precious jewel she is to you.

The specifications of the Ghaliyati Bangle are as follows:
• Height: 0.9 cm
• Width: 2.5 cm
• Weight: 5.1 g
• 18k yellow gold, matte finish
• White Diamonds

The Ghaliyati Bangle is adjustable in size and can be worn separately, or can be matched with one of our gold necklaces and onyx earrings. Featuring sleek and solid 18K gold, and embellished with subtle and sparkly white diamonds for an extra shine, The Ghaliyati Bangle will surely touch her heart and make her smile. 

For special requests, please click here.

Price: USD 650

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