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The Three Dots Black Onyx Earrings 1
The Three Dots Black Onyx Earrings 2
The Three Dots Black Onyx Earrings 1
The Three Dots Black Onyx Earrings 2

The Three Dots Collection

The Three Dots Black Onyx Earrings

A beautiful and elegant pair of earrings can definitely highlight her entire look. At Zein Pieces, we’ve come up with an extraordinary range of gold earrings for women, named The Three Dots Onyx Earrings, that are exceptionally made to bring out the elegance of every woman, and to reflect her radiance in a unique way. This pair of earrings is designed with meticulous care to preserve its delicate design and nestle its powerful black onyx gemstone. With its sparkling 18K yellow gold features and its pure and fine onyx stone that is beautifully reflected and attached within two pieces of gold, this pair is guaranteed to give you an edgy, yet classic, look.

The specifications of this Onyx piece are as follows:
• Height: 2.8 cm
• Width: 2 cm
• Weight of gold: 3.1 g
• 18k yellow gold, shiny finish
• 17 CT Onyx stones

Jewellery is meant to reflect one’s identity. They are pieces that form an emotional bond and are categorized as sentimental. 
Women ought to buy pieces that are easy to handle and would closely reflect their persona and unique style. The Three Dots Onyx Earrings are bold and radiant pieces that are designed to enhance your feminine and sophisticated persona. The Three Dots Onyx Earrings are crafted with thorough care and delicacy to preserve the beauty and shine of the onyx gemstones used. With the efforts put in to design such an eye-appealing piece, wearing it will surely provide you with the most graceful and classic look to highlight your personality. 

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Price: USD 600

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