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Al Hamdulilah Necklace 1
Al Hamdulilah Necklace 2
Al Hamdulilah Necklace 1
Al Hamdulilah Necklace 2

The Divine Collection

Al Hamdulilah Necklace

Introducing our latest heavenly piece from The Divine Collection: Al Hamdulilah Necklace. This piece comes in different sizes and various colors, and is beautifully polished with 18K gold to amplify its beauty. Al Hamdulilah Necklace is a symbol of appreciation and gratitude. A piece that beautifully recognizes your thankfulness and gratefulness for all the blessings you embrace. This necklace can be worn on any attire you wish to choose, and can be personalized to better suit your preferences. Al Hamdulilah Necklace could be the ultimate pick to gift your special one and declare your gratefulness. You, or your loved one, are able to hold your blessings and magnify them through this striking piece that shows the strength in your faith and promotes the compassion and honor and that you hold.

The specifications of Al Hamdullilah Necklace are:
• Height: 1.3 cm
• Width: 3 cm
• Gold Weight: 3.5 g
• 18k white and black gold, glossy finish

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Price: USD 400

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