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Allah Necklace with Diamonds 1
Allah Necklace with Diamonds 2
Allah Necklace with Diamonds 1
Allah Necklace with Diamonds 2

The Divine Collection

Allah Necklace with Diamonds

Introducing our lustrous and distinctive piece from The Divine Collection: Allah Necklace with Diamonds. This piece is extra special and distinguished due to the spiritual and devotional connection that is attached to it. The Allah Necklace with Diamonds consists of glossy 18K gold that accentuates the sparkle and luster of the diamonds. This piece is a symbol of hope, faith, and blessing. It is the ultimate piece to portray your personal belief and to keep your faith close to your heart. With its brilliant glow and spectacular finish, The Allah Necklace will make for a wonderful and original gift on any of the following occasions: Ramadan, Eid, Birthday, Anniversary, or even as a ‘Just-Because’ gift.

The specifications of this Allah Necklace are as follows:

• Height: 0.9 cm
• Width: 1.8 cm
• Gold Weight: 3.5 g
• 18k pink and black gold, shiny finish
• White diamonds

For special requests, please click here.

Price: USD 425

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