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Allah Necklace 1
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The Divine Collection

Allah Necklace

At Zein Pieces, we carry a wide selection of pendants and pieces that hold distinctive symbols. Within our precious and treasured selection, The Divine Collection, comes our saintly piece: Allah Yellow Gold Necklace. This unique piece is a sign of hope, faith, belief, and prayer. The Allah Necklace is one of our valuable, and cherished, pieces that embraces an aesthetically pleasing design and an eclectic mix of shiny 18K gold melded together for a spectacular finish. It is a beautiful way to display your personal faith and hold your beliefs close to your heart. It is a piece that can be worn for both everyday outfits and special occasions as well. Allah Gold Necklace is an elegant, delicate, and graceful piece that will complement your glamorous pick for the day. It is also the perfect representation of your spiritual self and chosen faith.

The specifications of this Allah Necklace are as follows:

• Height: 0.8 cm
• Width: 1.6 cm
• Gold Weight: 3 g
• 18k yellow and black gold, shiny finish

For special requests, please click here.

Price: USD 360

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