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The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace 1
The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace 2
The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace 1
The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace 2

The Mother's Collection

The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace

The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace is a simple, yet stylish, piece of jewellery that can be styled with any outfit. The subtlety and elegance of this necklace makes a wonderful gift for your dear mother. The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace is a unique piece from our special range of necklaces for women. It is a symbol of pride that reflects the warmth you share with your mother.

The specifications of The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace are as follows:
• Height: 2 cm
• Width: 2 cm
• Weight: 4.6 g
• 18k yellow gold, matte finish
Emerald stones

The Sit El-Habayeb Necklace has an exceptional style to it – it has been given a very exclusive shape to it that could suit any age group. The best way to choose your personalized jewellery is to start with the desired shape, size and colour of the stone you’d like to add on to your beautifully embellished ornament. You can then define the texture of the gold that you’d like to have, along with the size and length of the chain used for the necklace itself.

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Price: USD 550

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