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The Three Dots Choker 1
The Three Dots Choker 2
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The Three Dots Choker 1
The Three Dots Choker 2
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The Three Dots Collection

The Three Dots Choker

Accessorizing one’s outfit defines her personality and reflects her identity. It accentuates her style and complements her individuality. At Zein Pieces, we’ve designed a fine range for our unique collection: The Three Dots, which includes elegantly styled necklaces for women. Within this collection, we are bringing back the ‘90s style staple with this elegant choker that is inspired by a rich oriental culture. The Three Dots Choker evinces an elegant and graceful three doted design. It will set the trend in a simple, yet refined, way with our 18K yellow gold edition. With its smooth finish, this choker is given a simple, yet attractive, look.

The specifications of the Three Dots Choker are as follows:
• Height: 2 cm
• Weight: 9.1 g
• 18k yellow gold, shiny finish

Gold necklaces for women come in different styles and designs that can work with almost any type of outfit. From vintage to modern, this particular choker will work with any attire you choose to go with. The Three Dots Choker is extremely versatile and will add variety to your jewellery collection. It is a radiant symbol that guarantees the perfect finishing touch to any look. It truly is the perfect add-on to any outfit!

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Price: USD 870

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