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The Three Dots Ring 1
The Three Dots Ring 2
The Three Dots Ring 1
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The Three Dots Collection

The Three Dots Ring

Rings are unique pieces of jewelry that are preferred and worn by most women. They add a touch of sophistication and classiness to a woman’s attire. Gold rings for women are attractive pieces of jewelry. They perfectly infuse style and elegance, and are designed to fit any outfit. Arabian fusions and styles inspired the creation of The Three Dots Ring. The Three Dots Ring features a matte gold texture that portrays a touch of class and style. It is adjustable to fit any size, and has a stylish, bold, yet elegant, touch to its commendable design. With its sleek lines and beaming gold touch, The Three Dots Ring will pump up your outfit for sheet elegance.

The specifications of the Three Dots Ring are as follows:
• Height: 2 cm
• Gold Weight: 4.2 g

• 18k yellow gold, matte finish

This delicately designed gold ring is perfect for day and evening.

For special requests, please click here.

Price: USD 500

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