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It was not until her son was born that she began pondering over how she can manage her time between motherhood, her career as a graphic designer, and her passion. The birth of her son opened the doors to her passionate journey.

On just another regular day following his birth, Zein picked up a pencil and paper and began sketching the Arabic word for passion, i.e. شغف. Staring at the three dots in the first letter lasted for more than just a few seconds. It felt as though the word was speaking out to her, connecting the dots in her dreams so vividly.

That is when Zein decided to sketch the three dots, adding a turquoise stone to the design, something she had in her possession for a long time. She took another look at the sketch and realized that it should be something more than just a drawing on a paper. She just had to have it in her hands; as a piece of a much larger jewelry line.

She sent her design for production, and the rest is history. Upon receiving the finished product, she knew she had to turn her passion into a full-fledged jewelry line. So, she did.

Today, Zein Pieces continues to craft jewelry born out of passion, driven by persistence and embodied with originality. It is an inspiration to every idea waiting to become a reality and proof that dreams do actually come true.


1. Adds style to the ordinary
Jewelry has the power to mirror one’s taste and personality in the same way words and attitudes do.

2. Highlights status
Though things have changed since ancient times, jewelry is still used to indicate some kind of social status.

3. Holds meaning
The value of jewelry extends beyond just its monetary one. Normally, pieces of jewelry hold sentimental value from the person who gave it to you. If you bought it for yourself, that is meaning all on its own.

4. Makes for a good surprise
Because what better way to surprise someone than to gift them something as valuable as jewelry?

5. The perfect way to store wealth
The value of precious metals and gemstones is not just in their decorative nature but also in their investment purposes. Many people invest in jewelry, particularly gold, for its value does not diminish over time.

In the end, regardless of the opinions, there is no debating the value of jewelry in form and function. Or else it would not have served the same purposes today as it did in the past.


1. Statement Jewelry
A statement piece is one that overshadows all other aspects of the outfit through its unique traits. People who wear statement pieces normally like to be the center of attention and are confident in their own skin.

2. Classic Jewelry
Those who wear classic pieces of jewelry tend to be more selective in their choices – jewelry and otherwise. They are not the easiest to please and are sometimes described as picky. Women who wear such pieces are usually credited for their fine taste and confidence.

3. Matching Jewelry
People who match their jewelry or color coordinate pieces to match their outfits tend to be incredibly organized in their everyday lives. They have an eye for detail which explains why they thoroughly think through their outfit, from shoes to jewelry.

4. Designer Jewelry
While brand names may not mean much to some, they may be everything to others. Those who like to wear designer jewelry usually enjoy grabbing the attention of others and often try hard to leave a good impression on others.

5. Oversized Jewelry
There is no rule book that says so, but people who like to wear big pieces of jewelry are often said to be outgoing by nature. They are extroverts who find it easy to socialize and make new friends.

6. Practical Jewelry
Jewelry made with imitation gemstones or simple materials such as rope bracelets are usually worn by practical people, especially those with an active lifestyle. They don’t pay much attention to the originality of the piece, rather focus on whether it’s convenient for them to wear at all times.

No matter your style, it is always important to remember that you should only wear pieces of jewelry that resonate with your inner self. Always choose pieces that reflect your spirit and personality. It wouldn’t hurt if the piece adds a touch of glam to your everyday attire, too.

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