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Behind The Brand

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It was all a dream. These pieces. This boutique. This amazing team… All a dream.

A dream which started with the first beads and buttons I used to collect as a little girl until I graduated as a graphic designer. A dream I thought would never come true especially after I became a mother. When everything seemed too messy and complicated compared to the unrealistic image portrayed by social media.

As hard as it was, the fear of not being able to pursue my dream pushed me to take the step that I needed to take for so long. It was after a long tiring night with my newborn son that I picked up the pencil and paper and sketched out my very first piece: The Three Dots Earrings. I remember how eager I was to see it and how I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.
This is when I finally made the decision of starting my own jewelry line. It took a lot of hard work, baby steps, research, trial and error, learning, and continuous efforts to shut off the negative voices that said it was impossible.

From all this, a jewelry brand was born. Born of real passion and dedicated to real women. Women who are confident, kind, smart and funny. Women who glow from within with their contagious laughter and smiles that light up the world. Women who are comfortable in their own skin. Women who remain true to themselves when their youth and beauty are long gone. Women who can change the world with their courage alone.

This is what Zein Pieces is all about. Real jewelry for real women.

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