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Why Minimalist Jewelry Reigns

Valentine’s Day is not the same without jewelry. Proposals are no good without sparkly rings. Our ears, necks, fingers, wrists, and even our ankles change in appearance when jewelry is part of the ...

Ring Stacking 101: Here Are Some Tips

Traditionalists are very picky about how they wear their jewelry. To them, each hand can only carry one ring at a time, but we are here to tell you otherwise. The ring stacking trend ...

Sunkissed Jewels: Wearing Jewelry To The Beach

Although wearing jewelry to the beach may not sound like the most appealing idea in the world, it actually isn’t as bad as you think. You just have to know the dos and ...

Do You Know About Ancient Egyptians’ Love For Jewelry?

Jewelry has existed for a long time, maybe even longer than you thought. The industry, however, has undergone a major transformation since pre-historic times when shells, wood, and animal skin were worn as adornments. ...

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