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Ten Interesting Facts About Gold

Few things combine value of style and substance. In that sense, gold makes a rather good example, being popular for making jewelry and a reliable source of investment. At the same time, it proves ...

Ten Interesting Facts about Rubies

Thanks to the elegance and richness of their deep red color, rubies enjoy a wide popularity among gemstone lovers. As a precious gemstone, a ruby can even be sold for a lot more than ...

Eleven Interesting Facts About Emeralds

While diamonds may have the bigger share of attention, there are more to gemstones than diamonds. Thanks to their beautiful variety, gemstones have something for everyone. For those who love the rich color of ...

How Precious are Precious Gemstones?

Despite their wide variety and differences from color to quality and even popularity, only four gemstones are actually considered precious. In other words, every gemstone that doesn’t happen to be a diamond, emerald, ...

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