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The Three Dots Collection

Dream. Aspire. Achieve

Dot, Dot, Dot. The story of this collection goes beyond what meets the eye.

After a long night with her newborn, Zein began pondering over whether she would be able to continue pursuing her passion. Challenging the dark voice in her head, Zein picked up a pencil and paper and sketched the Arabic word for passion (i.e. شغف ). The three dots atop the first letter of the word caught her attention, ultimately pushing her to sketch her first jewelry piece.

That is when The Three Dots Collection came to life. The rest, as they say, is history. The collection – which is comprised of rings, necklaces, and earrings – is a tribute to both the Arabic language and passion in the face of adversity and obstacles. Every piece in the collection represents passion and determination, dedicated to all ambitious women who dare to dream and achieve.

Three Dots Jacket earrings

855 USD

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Three Dots Turquoise earrings

720 USD

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The Three Dots Green earrings with diamonds

1,770 USD

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Three Dots Choker

1,335 USD

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Three Dots Green Necklace With Diamonds

1,980 USD

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The Three Dots Double ring

705 USD

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Three Dots Multi-Color Jacket Earrings

855 USD

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Three Dots Single mini ring

390 USD

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Three Dots Black earrings

960 USD

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Three Dots Single ring

1,095 USD

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Three Dots Blue earrings

765 USD

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