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Finjen Arabi Necklace
Finjen Arabi Necklace

Aal Libneneh Collection

Finjen Arabi Necklace

350 USD

The Finjen Arabi Enamel Necklace, part of our Aal Libneneh Collection, is untraditional in its design which has the shape of an Arabic coffee cup, and traditional in its nature. In this sense, it reflects a part of the Lebanese culture and everyday life. Made of 18K yellow and white gold, the Finjen Arabi Enamel Necklace will make a lovely gift for girls and women of all ages who love to wear something new and express their love for Lebanon and the Lebanese culture.

Width 1.5 cm
Height 0.9 cm
18K rose gold, shiny finish
Pink and green Enamel


Chain Color:



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