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Que Sera Sera Necklace
Que Sera Sera Necklace
Que Sera Sera Necklace
Que Sera Sera Necklace

Kalimat Collection

Que Sera Sera Necklace

510 USD

Music is an artistic account of human life. A single song can speak volumes about your life as you helplessly get trapped under its spell, listening to your life story being told from outside. The Que Sera Sera Necklace carries the title of the world-renowned Doris Day song, which translates to “What Will Be, Will Be.” Made of 18K yellow gold, it reflects a time of charm and artistic glory. The necklace can be customized to include the title of any song that has influenced your life in any way.

Width 4 cm
Height 0.8 cm
18K yellow gold, shiny finish


Chain Color:





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