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Sep 11.2020

The Power of Healing: Energy and Gemstones

Gemstones are known to embody concentrated energy, vibrating through the human body like a strong current amidst the sea. To this day, gemstones and crystals are still being used as an alternative healing technique. The energetic vibration inside a gemstone is said to align with that of the body, providing it with the various benefits it is believed to possess. Different stones and crystals have distinct effects on the body. Here is an overview of some of the most popular ones:

1. Abalone Shell
Believed to carry positive energy that deflects negativity while providing peace and happiness from within.

2. Agate

Believed to have a slow, though steady, effect on one’s strength by helping them overcome their weaknesses.

3. Amazonite

Believed to heal the negative energy caused by unpleasant past experiences which may still have an effect on a person’s present-day energy.

4. Amethyst

Believed to have a soothing and relaxing effect.

5. Apatite

Believed to energize its wearer and enhance their creative self.

6. Apophyllite

Believed to direct the mind away from stressful thoughts and replace them with positivity.

7. Aquamarine

Believed to wash away the negativity that results from daily life problems.

8. Aventurine

Believed to boost one’s confidence and help get them out of their comfort zone.

9. Azurite

Believed to provide spiritual guidance and psychological healing powers, which is why it is also known as the “Stone of the Heavens.”

10. Black Tourmaline

Believed to be one of the most powerful crystals in repelling negative energy.

11. Bloodstone

Believed to increase self-confidence as well as empower one to live life to the fullest while enjoying every moment.

12. Blue Lace Agate

Believed to have a relaxing power that encourages one to get over their fears.

13. Bronzite

Believed to boost one’s mood by getting rid of the negative energy inside their body.

14. Carnelian

Believed to give one a boost in confidence, which is needed to succeed in life.

15. Celestite

Believed to have a calming effect on the most anxious of minds. The crystal’s name is derived from the Latin word for “heavenly.”

16. Chrysocolla

Believed to provide the confidence and determination needed to achieve success.

17. Chrysoprase

Believed to help one see reality in a positive light through empathy and love.

18. Citrine

Believed to energize and purify the body from any negative energy it may be holding onto.

19. Clear Quartz

Believed to clear the body and mind of the negative thoughts and energy they may carry.

20. Fluorite

Believed to put one’s mind at ease and clear it of any negativity it holds.

21. Fuchsite

Believed to increase one’s sense of dependency and mental strength.

22. Garnet

Believed to unlock hidden energy, pushing one to make the best out of life opportunities.

23. Goldstone
Believed to help one see their inner light and overcome any dark thoughts.

24. Green Calcite

Believed to help one turn their dreams into a living reality through the bright energy it fills the body with.

25. Hematite

Believed to have the energy to bring one out of their bubble and into the real world, helping them face all the ups and downs.

26. Jade

Believed to provide insight into the mind, helping one discover their true self.

27. K2 Stone

Believed to give one the strength of mind to accept everything and be grateful.

28. Kambaba Jasper

Believed to give people the courage to take risks and reach their true potential.

29. Labradorite

Believed to have the power to provide one with the self-awareness needed to unleash their mental and psychological powers.

30. Lapis Lazuli

Believed to heal the mind from the stress that prevents one from knowing their true worth.

 Leopard-Skin Jasper
Believed to have healing powers that relieve any tension or pain caused by past experiences in life.

32. Lepidolite

Believed to help one make the right decisions when going through challenging times.

33. Malachite

Believed to provide emotional insight that helps one make the right decision, especially when it comes to relationships.

34. Mookaite

Believed to have an energizing power that awakens and strengthens one’s sense of curiosity and adventure.

35. Moonstone

Believed to give inner light, which helps one connect with their feminine, delicate self.

36. Obsidian

Believed to have the power to absorb negative energy and relieve one of any anxiety they are experiencing.

37. Ocean Jasper

Believed to help one deal with stress and substitute it with happiness and joy.

38. Onyx

Believed to help one see the bright side and avoid focusing on things that weigh them down.

39. Orange Calcite

Believed to turn one’s painful experiences into energy that pushes them forward and gives them an optimistic view of life.

40. Peridot

Believed to purify the body of the negative emotions trapped inside to enjoy a happier life.

41. Picture Jasper

Believed to provide one with wisdom and emotional stability.

42. Pyrite

Believed to have protective energy with the power to help one understand themselves and their character.

43. Red Jasper

Believed to help one gain control over stress and relieve the mind and body of it and open the door to new opportunities.

44. Rhodochrosite

Believed to give one a sense of self-appreciation and love because self-love is the only thing that helps one realize what they are capable of.

45. Rhodonite

Believed to heal one of the negativity clouding their mind and helps them reach a state of happiness and gratitude.

46. Rhyolite

Believed to help one see the teachings instead of the pain in their past experiences.

 Rose Quartz
Believed to help get rid of the negative vibes and unlock emotions of love and passion.

48. Rutilated Quartz

Believed to purify the mind and body of emotions that negatively impact your life.

49. Selenite

Believed to have energy that fills one with light, taking away any unnecessary thoughts or feelings to make room for positive ones only.

50. Serpentine

Believed to have empowering energy that makes one realize the control they have over their choices and decisions.

Believed to work as an antioxidant that heals the body from the effects of electromagnetic field radiation.

52. Smoky Quartz

Believed to have a mood-changing power that transforms negativity into positivity.

53. Sodalite

Believed to strengthen the mind-body bond as well as the sixth sense.

54. Sunstone

Believed to enhance one’s sense of creativity and innovation by getting rid of self-doubt.

55. Tiger’s Eye

Believed to have the energy that helps one discover their true self and take new opportunities in life.

56. Tourmalinated Quartz

Believed to heal the mind from destructive thoughts and helps one focus on building their inner strength.

57. Tree Agate

Believed to provide one with strength and spirit by building resilience against anything that may have a negative effect.

58. Turquoise

Believed to have the power to connect one’s mind to the different possibilities around them.

In A Gemstone:
Just as some fancy wearing gemstones, others believe they stones hold more benefits than what meets the eye. Whether in their appearance or their value, the fact remains that gemstones possess unique qualities that have mesmerized and impressed humans for centuries.

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