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Sep 30.2020

Why Minimalist Jewelry Reigns

Valentine’s Day is not the same without jewelry. Proposals are no good without sparkly rings. Our ears, necks, fingers, wrists, and even our ankles change in appearance when jewelry is part of the equation.

But jewelry knows no size. A diamond ring that is bigger doesn’t mean it is better. There are many factors that play a role in determining a diamond’s true value. If you know your 4Cs, then you know what we are talking about. The same applies to other pieces of jewelry.

In fact, minimalist jewelry is on the rise. Minimalism has the power to transform anything into something better, and jewelry is no exception. For those who are wondering, minimalism is a concept where the core focus is simplicity. In the world of jewelry, this can be a simple gold band with a minuscule gem in the center. Or it could be a thin necklace chain with a simple pendant hanging down from it.

And why are simple jewelry pieces better? We are here to lay out some of the reasons:

1. They won’t steal your thunder

Unlike bold statement pieces, minimalist jewelry has the power to do your outfit justice without taking all the attention. But that does not mean simple things do not attract attention, because they do. But they do so without stealing your thunder. That means your other jewelry pieces, your makeup, outfit, shoes, purse, what have you, will get the attention they deserve. Simple jewelry also speaks volumes about who you are as a person in this overly extravagant world.

2They won’t become outdated

Minimalist pieces are timeless. They do not fade away when other trends take over. Due to the simplicity of the designs, they will forever be in style. Whether it’s a thick bar stud for your ears or a Finjen Arabi bracelet, simple pieces of jewelry can be passed on generations – and still leave a mark behind.

3. They are perfect outfit complements

Because of their simple design, minimalist pieces of jewelry can pair up with almost anything. Finding simple jewelry that suits all the outfits you have hanging in your closet is a piece of cake, thanks to minimalist designs. Such pieces won’t take up all the attention, but they are definitely worthy of a compliment. And minimalist pieces will get praise more often than you’d imagine.

4. They are versatile

Pieces that embody simplicity are versatile and flexible. They can go with pretty much anything, anywhere and at any time of day. They can be worn to a fancy dinner or a casual night out with the girls. They can be worn as a standalone piece or in a stack. Minimalist jewelry won’t appear bulky or flashy because their designs just won’t let that happen.

5. They can carry sentiment with pride

They may be simple but that is what makes minimalist pieces beautiful. A two-circle bracelet carved with coordinates of your first encounter with your loved one … can a gift get better than that? It’s simple, yet powerful. Small, yet impactful. That’s the beauty of minimalist jewelry, its size has no impact on the meanings it can carry.

Are you convinced yet?

If you’re still not 100% sure whether minimalist jewelry is for you, you should browse through the various collections at Zein Pieces. We are sure one of our items will grab your attention at first glance.

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