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Mar 24.2020


The world of gemstones is one that extends beyond just beauty. The rarity of many gems adds value to their precious status and dazzling beauty. In jewelry-making, the cutting and usage of gemstones is pretty common. But that is not the only thing gemstones are known for.

Aside from their ability to add value and charm to jewelry, gemstones have been thought to be associated with healing powers as they can embody concentrated energy. Throughout history, certain gems have also been linked to certain months of the year. It is thought that each of the 12 months has its own gemstone – called “birthstone.” Just as horoscopes describe people born under a particular sign, birthstones also reflect common traits among those born during the same month.

According to the latter, your personality can be described using just your birthstone data. What is your personality like? Your birthstone will tell you.

1. January – Garnet
Garnet is said to symbolize love and honesty. It also reflects support and loyalty towards others. People can count on you, that’s for sure.

2. February – Amethyst
It is believed that Amethyst is for the multi-talented and fearless ones. It is considered a symbol of peace and maturity, so you better take pride in that.

3. March – Aquamarine
March-borns are believed to be outgoing and adventure-loving. Their birthstone, Aquamarine, embodies those characteristics as it is seen as a symbol of devotion, hope, and youth.

4. April – Diamond
As you probably already know, Diamonds symbolize both resilience and eternal love. That is why people born in April are believed to be strong and romantic without even having to try.

5. May – Emerald
According to the American Gem Society, the Emerald symbolizes rebirth. In addition to that, people born in May are believed to be intelligent with a strong sixth sense.

6. June – Alexandrite and Moonstone
Both the above gemstones are believed to symbolize luck and love, which explains why people born in June are often described to be easygoing and carefree.

7. July – Ruby
July-borns, whose birthstone is the precious Ruby, are said to be ambitious and enjoy a strong charisma.

8. August – Peridot
Peridot symbolizes sturdiness, curiosity, and liveliness of character, which explains why those born in August are said to have strong problem-solving skills and unmatched wit.

9. September – Sapphire
Sapphire, another precious gemstone, symbolizes maturity and sincerity. It is believed that people born in September are honest, yet secretive.

10. October – Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline symbolizes purity and optimism. Those born in October are said to be a source of positive energy and good vibes.

11. November – Topaz
Novembers-borns are said to be calm by nature and enjoy strong mental stability, which makes the Topaz the perfect birthstone for them due to the gem’s calming hues.

12. December – Turquoise and Tanzanite
Those born in December are persistent. They will pursue their dreams and what they believe is right without giving much attention to people’s opinions. They are as bold as their birthstones’ hues.

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